What is "dockerinaction" command doing?

I am reading “Docker in action” book at one place it has mentioned

docker run -d \ 
           --name mailer \

What does dockerinaction command is doing in this ? I am not clear

Will you pl explain to me ?


In your multi-line command

  • -d --name mail are the OPTIONS to the docker run command
  • dockerinaction/mailer is the IMAGE of the docker run command. Due to the absence of a TAG, the tag latest will be used.

You should make it a habit to look into the official docs as a starting point…

And the dockerinaction part (also called “namespace”) of the image name is basically the name of the user or organization that created the image. You can see other images from the same maker at https://hub.docker.com/u/dockerinaction.

This is the same for your own images, if this is you: https://hub.docker.com/u/parag7777.

Only official images do not have such prefix.

Thanks to [Arjan van Bentem] and [ [Metin Y.]

is this mean I have to give “dockerinaction” or “namespace” command everytime when I pull the image ?

Or it is only applicable to docker official images ?

Pl educate me


It’s not a command. It’s part of the image name like @meyay explained. See Docker run reference | Docker Documentation.

And “namespace” is not an alternative to dockerinaction, if that’s what you think. It’s just the term often used for that prefix; see Repositories | Docker Documentation. Don’t be confused by the “docker” part in dockerinaction; it’s just the name someone is using for their Docker Hub account.

Thanks understood I was confused with “docker” world in this.