What is the purpose of Docker Desktop?

I just installed Docker Desktop on Ubuntu 22.04.1. I need only basic Docker functionality, e.g. create a simple image with a Python script, so someone else can run it. I skimmed through the documentation and can’t find anything useful for this task other than monitoring my images and containers. I don’t even see a way to pull/push an image from Docker Desktop. Am I missing something? Do I have to use CLI?

Docker Desktop is aimed for developers. It provides a convenient way to run docker with a consistent experience, regardless whether they use Docker Desktop of MacOS, Window or Linux, as the Docker Engine is always run in a vm. The extensions aim to ease and enrich developers work.

You still need to command the docker engine, like you would do with Docker-CE. If you have Docker-CE and Docker Desktop installed on the same host, make sure to check out docker context.

If you want to create an image, you still need to write a Dockerfile.