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What is the purpose of the Docker Community?

(Andresperdiguero) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m studying Free Software Technician and a have a subject that call Free Software and Communities. I have to do a job with the objective of one open community. I choose Docker community because I use Docker for work and I love all the things you can do in a minimal time. But this is different, I use Docker and I use information from the community, but what is the purpose? Help each other to learn and use Docker? only that? Could you help me to find a better answer?

(Siju Oommen George) #2

Did you read


(Andresperdiguero) #3

Hi Siju,

Thanks for your answer, yes I read it, but in that page have the ways you can participate in the Docker Community. but I can’t find the purpose of the Community. Or do you think that the purpose of the community could be Learn, Collaborate & Dockerize?