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What software exists to administer containers?

What software exists that helps administer containers?!? My team is (insanely??) writing custom scripts (100’s hours) to do what seems like basic tasks. These basic tasks (“problems”) we are solving with our custom code are likely shared by 90% of the organizations using docker: there’s has to be several off-the self software projects that solve these exact tasks! If someone could help me figure out what software projects handles this, I’d appreciate it. I’m very frustrated attempting to figuring out what is likely might be useful despite reading on the web.

We are running a private docker cloud (vmware/Red hat 7/Atomic) based on docker v1.12 (clasic swarm). We use Jenkins/scripts/automation extensively. No Rancher, Kubernettes, or other software on top of this.

Tasks that probably are solved:
Find unused hosts/create swarms (ie. classic version)
Deploy containers (Ie. pick a server and do a docker run or docker-compose up).
Auto-scale based on load (not just manual intervention).
Container discovery by webserver.
Live deployments (ie. a rolling deployment of new container images with the webserver migrating new sessions to the new containers).
Reporting: Humans understanding what containers exist and where.
…whatever other useful stuff we’ve not thought of.