What to do about DHCP?

Hello all!

I am new to Docker and I am a bit stuck, I am running it on a Synology NAS running DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5.

I have 3 working containers which are accessible on my NAS IP with their own Ports which is OK.

However for the purposes of traffic monitoring I really need these containers to have their own dedicated IP, sor for example… - Gateway - NAS - Docker Instance 1 - Docker instance 2 - Docker instance 3

This is the only way I can control traffic in the individual containers seperatly and monitor it.

I don’t care if it uses DHCP or if they are Statically Assigned in the Containers themselves just so long as they have their own dedicated LAN IP’s.

I tried creating a new container saying use the host network but this just puts it on the NAS’s LAN IP and does not give it a unique IP. :frowning:

Any help would be appriciated, I am no networking expert or linux though I have dabbled a little so I am hoping i can find a way.


Stuart. .

create a logical network,

docker network create 

with the right address range and some gateway (where the traffic routes thru)

start each container on that network, and assign it an ip from the range… sadly there is currently no good DHCP mechanism for this.


Where do you run said command I am lost at even that bit?

I see a terminal inside each container but I eed to talk to Docker itself right, where do I do that in the Synology DSM or do I need to Putty in? etc. :slight_smile:

sorry, i din;t understand your words.

see the doc for the commands

docker network create


docker run -d network= ip_address=.... etc

terminal in container?
containers are supposed to be servers, with no ui. they are NOT virtual machines.