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What's the difference between Docker Swarm and Docker Swarm mode in Docker Engine?


(Thinhduckhoi) #1

Hi everyone,
I read a tutorial about how to manage container across multi-host.
They said: Take note that Docker Engine Swarm mode and Docker Swarm are two different projects, with different installation steps despite they both work in a similar way.

That made me a little confused about the difference between them. Anyone please shed the light on this for me?

(Tomasz Korwel) #2

Docker Swarm is a legacy solution that requires external KV system (e.g. consul) and Swarm containers running on every node. It was the only way to do multi host swarm before docker 1.12.

In 1.12 docker integrated both KV store and swarm functionality inside the engine itself. You can still run Docker Swarm on 1.12 if you wish, but it’s mostly for backwards compatibility so already deployed clusters keep working.

If you’re setting up brand new one you should probably start with docker engine in swarm mode and skip the legacy solution.

(Thinhduckhoi) #3

Thank you so much. I noticed that installing with docker swarm mode is easier than docker swarm. I’ll go with docker swarm mode.