When changing the network source (different wifi), I lost connection to the containers

Win 10, WSL 2
Docker Desktop 4.24.2

In a nutshell: Docker Deskop on Windows topic, when changing the Wi-Fi (basically changing to any other network source), my application (Node.js app) cannot connect to the container ( in this case the Postgres database and Redis DB )

I have Node.js app that is communicating with databases. The app itself is not dockerized. I’m running it on Windows terminal. Databases are running on docker containers.

When i’m connected to main ( default ) Wi-Fi, Everything is fine, app is communicating with databases. When I switch to a different network source, the communication is lost.

I was restarting the containers, rebooting the system, restarting WSL ( wsl2 in my case, win10 ). Nothing is working. Node js can not communicate with DBs on exposed ports.

I’m kind of new to Docker, can someone guide me what can be wrong, where to check, what to check. (What is wired is that, I have DB plugin installed on my IDE, when I switch to different Wi-Fi, and test the connection with both DBs the plugin/Ide can still connect with both databases, only nodejs app can not.)l.