When Docker will update the latest Apache Debian version in the Official Drupal Image?

Currently, with the Latest Drupal Docker image, the apache Debian Version is coming 2.4.38+10u6 which is having multiple security vulnerabilities.
But the Latest Apache Debian Version is 2.4.51-1~deb11u1 which is the Stable one.
Is there any update to upgrade the apache version to the latest in the Drupal Docker imgae?

Thanks in advance.

If you use debian buster variant, it won’t be updated since that is based on buster variant of the official PHP image which installs Apache HTTPD from the debian repository where the latest version is 2.4.38. You can use the bullseye variant. That has the latest Apache HTTPD.

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Tried using the bullseye variant., the latest Apache version is coming.
Thank you so much for your help @rimelek.