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When the Container is connected to the macvlan and then manually connects to the bridge, UDP fails

The Container is assigned a separate ipv4 address by macvlan. By using the docker network connect bridge containerid manually, the container service will lose UDP support and the rate will become bad.

i first use Proxmox6 create kvm vps,then actual operation

docker network create -d macvlan \ --subnet= \ --gateway= \ -o parent=ens18 macvlan_bridge

docker run -d --log-driver=none --network=macvlan --ip= --restart=always

docker network connect bridge container id

The assigned inner network addresses are now available, but the outer network service gets worse, losing UDP, and network performance becomes sluggish

Is this a bug? When I access both the macvlan and the bridge network, there will be problems

Hi Nishuo. Have you figured out this issue? I found similar issue when running a container under both bridge and macvlan mode.