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Where do I store self signed certs


(Jeffsui) #1

Most of the directions i’ve seen online say if you are getting x509 errors you can stick your custom certs into some sort of /etc/docker path - however we don’t have that on the mac version.

If i want to manually add a trusted certificate where does it go?

(Escheuter) #2

in a .docker dir in your home directory. Create one when it doesn’t exists.

(Jeffsui) #3

Is there documentation you can point to about this? I don’t think its working correctly on the mac - however i was ablate connect to the alpine linux thing that docker runs on the mac and download the certs manually

(Lalithvaka) #4

Same issue am facing with x509: certificate signed by unknown authority. Not sure where to load the certs.
Per the documentation I will have to load them under /etc/docker/certs.d/ which doesnt exit in Mac. And from my enterprise I have pem files.

(Jeffsui) #5

I figured out the 509 issue