Where to set DOCKER_OPTS on macOS?

  1. DOCKER_OPTS is in /etc/default/docker if docker runs on linux, but where to set this config file on Mac?
  2. If can’t, how to enable docker remote API on Mac when I’m using Docker for Mac(beta) instead of Docker Toolbox?

I have same question, anybody can give a shot.
for now, I have to use vagrant as a workaround.

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I found this

which is related to changing the storage driver on the VM hidden in the Mac Docker UI.
I think you could snoop in the content of the directory mentioned in this post to find your file.

Regarding the tty mentioned in the post for accessing the tty of the Linux VM hosting the docker container, I found it here [your homedir] / Library / Containers / com . docker . docker / Data / com . docker . driver . amd64-linux (and I’m running Version 1.12.2-beta28 (12906)). Sorry for the path, it seems the forum restricts my ability to post links as I’m a noob.

Hope this helps.

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