Whether the desktop program has multiple language options

I can’t find configuration items for other languages in the Docker DeskTop program. Is there a plan for multi-language ui Settings

To be honest, I never even thought about it. I’m not native English speaker, but I configure all my systems to English for multiple reasons. One and less important reason is that if the software’s original language is English, that is often better than a bad translation. And most importantly, if I see any error messaage, I can search for it and I will probably find out what that is and if not, I can share the error message on a forum.

Docker Desktop is for development and I believe software developers should understand English at the level of understanding a UI.

Since my host operating system is English too, I don’t know if the host language affects the Docker Desktop UI language, but probably not as you asked your question :slight_smile:

If you still feel you need a translated UI, you can ask for it in the roadmap

All right,Thank you for your answer