Whether Windows Docker support Windows Server 2016

Hi Team,

I want to install Windows Docker on Windows Server 2016.Could anyone please let us know whether this environment (Windows Server 2016) supports Windows Docker Installation .

Linux Dockers seems to be supporting from Windows Server 2017 1709.
Microsoft only released the Linux containers with Hyper-V isolation in windows server 1709 which is the first semi-annual version after windows server 2016.

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Jeeva Mary Sayan

So, in parts:

  • containers are supported starting with Windows Server 2016, so yes, you can run containers on Windows Server 2016 and above.
  • Linux containers on Windows (LCOW) was an experimental feature and is not supported anymore. On a Windows client (10 and 11) you can still run Linux containers. That is supported for development environments, but not in production.

You can find more information here: Containers on Windows documentation | Microsoft Docs

One further clarification: Semi-Annual Channel has been deprecated and no releases are offered. Windows Server 2019 and 2022 are the only supported versions of Windows Server today.