Which docker binary is it?

Is there a way to know if the “docker” binary is the “Docker for Mac” binary or the one from “Docker Toolbox”? Maybe the “docker-machine” binary would have some info about this?

I’d guess they’re very similar. (You can also get one from Homebrew.) I’m pretty sure either binary would work in either environment, depending on the setting (or not) of the DOCKER_HOST environment variable.

If it really mattered, you might be able to guess:

~% ls -l $(which docker)
lrwxr-xr-x  1 dmaze  staff  65 Sep 20 20:40 /usr/local/bin/docker -> /Users/dmaze/Library/Group Containers/group.com.docker/bin/docker

…is from a Docker for Mac installation. (I always use a Docker Machine local VM, though.)