Who's to blame here? Apple or docker?

Somehow docker desktop crashed, and I’m presented with this super duper long crash message.

It is sooooooo long that even my vertical 27-inch 4K monitor can only display 1/3 of its contents. And there’s no way to resize it to dismiss the message.

I have to say, this is THE worst error message I have seen so far: making sure there’s no way you can miss it.

Too bad the image text is not readable.

The exact content is less relevant here. The way this message is delivered is what I’m baffled about. Again I don’t know if it’s a design issue on Mac or Docker (or maybe both). :face_vomiting:

Could be less relevant, but it could still give us an idea if you could share a smaller part of the message that we can read. Without that we can’t even decide who throwed that message even if that looks like a window of Docker Desktop. I assume you would like to get rid of that message and not just share that you had one.

I remember a similar issue from the past, but I don’t remember what the solution was without some reminder from the text.