Why Can't I Display An Image?

Hi All,

Here’s what I have on my virtualized version of Linux Mint 17.2:

adler@adler-VirtualBox ~ $ sudo docker images
[sudo] password for adler:
docker-whale latest b9a92df97bf8 32 hours ago 274 MB
busybox latest d7057cb02084 2 weeks ago 1.096 MB
jaumann/whalesay latest 5b7285cbadd4 3 weeks ago 274 MB
ubuntu 14.04 91e54dfb1179 7 weeks ago 188.4 MB
ubuntu latest 91e54dfb1179 7 weeks ago 188.4 MB
hello-world latest af340544ed62 9 weeks ago 960 B
youyongsong/whalesay latest 7a1dd06cde86 11 weeks ago 273.8 MB
mbruzek/whalesay latest 05134b2f0275 3 months ago 273.8 MB
docker/whalesay latest fb434121fc77 4 months ago 247 MB
adler@adler-VirtualBox ~ $

On one hand I seem to be running scripts to perform ASCI like functions, and on the other hand, I have OS images. I see I have a 188.4 Mb image of UBUNTU, but how to I see, or work with, this image? I’d like to pack in an app, and then see if it functions.

Again, viewing an image is my basic question.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Your image lists shows you already have Ubuntu image:

ubuntu latest 91e54dfb1179 7 weeks ago 188.4 MB

So, in order to test it, you can execute the following command to start the container out of that image and use the bash:

docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash



A thousand thanks for your reply. I have been rebuilding my PC, this time around, with Debian Jessie. And breaking it. LOL!

A far a I can tell this is a fantastic tool i.e. containers. And, I am just a Linux Enthusiast, as they used to say when SuSE was German. That goes back a long way…

I’ll be trying things out per your reply.

Again, thanks for your response.


I’ve re-built my system, followed / executed all the examples in the tutorials, and get the following when I go to terminal:

adler@adler-VirtualBox:~$ docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash

Although I have set myself up as a member of the GROUP Docker, I get thrown into Root. I should say I have set up Docker in a VBox derivative of UBUNTU. Should I be running Docker off a Server? I’ve run Servers before so this would not be an issue.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi All,

Just a short note about having been put into Root, per the above. There was another strange thing, that I noticed.

In Terminal I became adler@horiest. Because of this I’ve decided to delete the VM, that I as working on, and try again. This time from a flash drive.

I am concerned about security here.


You are a root user, only in the container you just created, not in the host. You always have the root access to the container, and has nothing to do with the access to your host machine.

Please visit our Security page to know more about container security, if that is one of your concerns. I hope this helps.



Thanks for the explanation about security.

Now, back to my original question. I’ve downloaded the UBUNTU container, and have access to it, but can’t view the d/l.

Perhaps I am missing something, that I can read, where I’ll be able to solve this? I have followed all the start-up pages / exercises.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Adler, the image listed when you do a “~$ docker images” is your download. The actual files are stored within Docker’s protected directories on your host, and there is no need or reason to access them directly. All your interaction should be done using the ‘docker’ command.

To run Ubuntu in Docker, at the most basic, all you need to know is ‘docker pull’, ‘docker run’, ‘docker stop’ and ‘docker start’ along with any custom flags you may want. Let Docker worry about where the files live cause they’ll do you no good anyway. :smile: