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Why do you NOT support development on linux?

(Levente Farkas) #1

Even the whole docker ecosystem is based on and build for linux (it seems to me) docker forget about linux users!? why?
why docker toolbox, kitematic etc. is only available for windows and mac? you’re developing for linux and you do NOT support linux!? why?
for me it seems a bit wired!?

(Jeff Anderson) #2

Toolbox is really just an installer that installs virtualbox, kitematic, docker, docker-compose, and docker-machine. Currently, you can install all of that (save kitematic) using the linux install instructions for each component individually.

It looks like Linux support was just merged into the kitematic codebase 5 days ago:

I agree that it would be nice to have a ‘docker-toolbox’ package on the apt and yum repos run by the docker project. I’ve brought this up with the toolbox team in the past and they agree it is something that we should have. Currently, the upstream projects (compose, machine and kitematic) don’t currently distribute apt/yum packages on those repos. Once they do, a ‘docker-toolbox’ package could be published that is essentially a virtual package that pulls in all those other packages as dependencies.

I’ll definitely mention your post to the toolbox team so they can see that there is definitely interest for a better toolbox experience on linux.


(Adun153) #3

I have the same sentiments as lfarkas.

I know that there is still a perception that Linux users are “l33t” and would rather build and compile stuff by themselves, but I am of the demographic of Linux users that would really appreciate the convenience that Windows and Mac users experience. Granted, there doesn’t seem to be as many of us as Windows and Mac users, but it’s a chicken-and-egg problem, really, isn’t it? GitHub isn’t releasing “GitHub Desktop” for Linux as well.

And yes, I found this thread because I was dismayed at the lack of a Docker Toolbox for Linux.

I would be so grateful if Linux (you know, the OS/platform that is practically behind most stuff on The Internet) received a bit more love for its desktop users. :slight_smile: