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Why docker-compose pull returns zero status code if no image is found on server?

So I have an app in which I use a docker compose setup with a base image,

    image: "${REPO}:base-${BASE_TAG}"
      context: .
      network: host
      dockerfile: docker/Dockerfile.base
          CI: $CI

when I do

$ docker-compose pull base
WARNING: The CI variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string.
$ echo $?

But when I assemble docker image name myself and pull it with docker, it clearly fails:

$ docker pull  $REPO:base-$BASE_TAG
Error response from daemon: manifest for <repo>:880407b2b09f2ead1366571f332067364b8fabf9 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
$ echo $?

So my question is why compose is suppressing the error?

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Not exactly what I expected(asked about docker-compose pull), but a way to go, thanx

Care should be taken with answers from @lewish95; it seems it’s just some bot reposting plagiarized, unformatted and most often unrelated content, in this case taken from Using docker-compose with CI - how to deal with exit codes and daemonized linked containers? - Stack Overflow. Lacking moderation, folks are flagging their posts to hide them from future readers who may not understand they got the wrong advice.

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