Why does my new image (and others) show "updated 2022 years ago"

I just pushed my first public image, and it says “updated 2022 years ago”.

I checked and there appear also to be (many) other images with this wrong date.

How to solve this?

I noticed that the docker in nixpkgs that I’m using is quite old (surprising since nix is normally pretty up-to-date):

> docker --version
Docker version 20.10.23, build v20.10.23

Might that be related?

The bug was either resolved since you posted about the issue or we don’t see the same date.

I don’t know how nix packages are updated, but Docker CE 20.10.23 was released this year in January:

so indeed, not the latest of that major version as it would be Docker v20.10.25, but it is still a recent version so I doubt that would cause any problem with the update dates and I don’t think the client is responsible for setting the date. I could have an image built a year ago. If I puhs it to my repository, it should show me that it was updated a second ago.

If you still see wrong dates anywhere, please give us a link to that page.

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I guess they referred to the search page, which indeed show this before the repo was indexed the first time. The search page always shows results of the index and not live results from all repositories. The repo on the other hand always shows accurate information. We had another topic about this a couple of days or weeks ago - I don’t remember exactly when.

update: it is still not indexed

I am not sure when the index (or cache) will be rebuilt, but it will show wrong information until then.


I’ve been having the same issue with my danog/madelineproto image, it doesn’t show up when searching just “madelineproto”, and when searching for “danog/madelineproto” a 2022-year-old image is shown: Docker

Could someone pls fix? :slight_smile:

Now the index is updated and the details are correct:

Fix what exactly? It will be fixed when the index is rebuilt. If you still feel this is an issue that needs fixing, feel free to open a support request on Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/support/contact

@rimelek Thanks! Indeed now it looks perfectly ok (I hadn’t done anything with the repo after submitting the report here, so I guess it has gotten resolved).

The last three openmodelica images (by others) are still “2022 years ago” in the listing, but clicking on it shows the presumably “real age” of years. So I’m not sure how that happened…