Why updated description is not showing up in the Marketplace?

I’m new to Docker extensions. I’ve taken a look at the docs, and I couldn’t find the answer to my problem. I’m working on a Docker extension for the Memgraph graph database.

I’ve updated the category, and description, and added additional URLs to Dockerfile config file for our extension (memgraph-docker-extension/Dockerfile at main · memgraph/memgraph-docker-extension · GitHub).
I’ve also rebuilt the image using the same tag as before (2.8.0) in the hope that it will also push the update of the description and category, but it didn’t happen. I’ve also tried removing the image2.8.0 all together from Docker Hub, and it didn’t change the description. I’ve tried to use a new tag like 2.8.1, and it didn’t change the description.

When I do a local build and install I can see the new description and links in Docker Desktop, but I can get this new description to show up when browsing the extensions that are on the Docker Hub.

I can see all of the content at https://hub.docker.com/v2/repositories/memgraph/memgraph-docker-extension but it doesn’t render in the Marketplace.

I’ll answer my own question. It takes a few hours for changes to show up. Everything it OK now.