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Wildcard for noProxy container names?

I have a number of microservices in my docker-compose.yml. In the .yml each microservice container is named with the convention "{something}-service".

Some of them need to use our company proxy to access the internet to download data, some of them access each other via HTTP REST API.

I configured the proxy in the c:\users\{user}\.docker/config.json file, e.g.:

  "auths": { "": {} },
  "credsStore": "desktop",
  "stackOrchestrator": "swarm",
  "proxies": {
    "default": {
      "httpProxy": "",
      "httpsProxy": "",
      "noProxy": "abc-service, def-service, ghi-service"

This works fine, but rather than naming each microservice in the noProxy, can they be wildcarded? I tried "*-service" but that didn’t work in my case.

Any suggestions how to wildcard multiple container names in the noProxy param?