Windows 10 testing environment

Hy guys,

For my school project i need to build a testing environment to test my Java game.
My teacher gave us 2 options for programs to use: Docker or Virtual Machine.

He prefers Docker, because “you have more control over your environment”.

Now i’ve been going through the Docker Tutorials, but i cant seem to find anything related to setting up a Windows environment (i’m not even totally sure if it is possible in Docker).

So my question is:
Is it possbile to setup a Windows 10 Testing Environment for my Java application?

Extra info:

  • My Docker runs on Windows 10

Thanks in advance for any responses!

~ Johnny

Windows 10 doesn’t support docker directly.

Docker Toolbox,, is an installer of virtualbox, docker client, docker-compose, docker-machine, and kitematic. If your workstation is Windows 10, and you want to use Docker, this is a sane approach.

It will help you get all the components you need installed and running a little more quickly than installing all that by hand.