Windows 2012 r2 server is failing to connect with api hosted in docker ee

recently we upgraded our api from open shift to docker ee,

We have a website using .net framework 4.6.1, iis 8.5 and windows server 2012 r2

The connection to docker EE api is failing after the upgrade, the same works fine in windows server 2016,

We are getting below error, when we request the url

The request was aborted; we could not create an SSL/TLS Secure channel

In event logger under system we get he following errors

 - A fatal error was received from the remote end point the TLS Protocol defined fatal alert code is 40

 - A fatal error was generated and send to the remote endpoint. This may result in termination of the connection. the TLS Protocol defined fatal alert code is 70. The windows SCHANNEL error state is 105

can I know what is the issue here.

I doubt that you find a community at all for Docker’s formal Enterprise product here. It had it’s own commercial support channels. The former “Docker Engine - Enterprise” is called “Mirantis Container Engine” for a couple of years now… The former Docker EE package became the Mirantis Kubernetes Engine.

I am not sure If an api migration from open shift to docker ee can be considered an upgrade - it definitly is a change, but I am not sure if it’s for better or worse.

Thus said: I have no idea what causes your problem (might be outdated tls cerficiates, outdated ca certificate, unknown ca to your client, or something entirely else), but strongy advise you to challenge how future proof your target operation architecture is.

On top of this, I have a question on the version: Windows containers were introduced on Windows Server 2016, so there’s no image for Windows Server 2012/R2. @srvnnsug can you please confirm what image version is failing? The FROM statement on your docker file would help.