Windows Authentication Docker?

Hi folks,

I am using core with windows authentication. Here is my docker file

FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.2-aspnetcore-runtime AS base

FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.2-sdk AS build
COPY ["WindowsAuth.csproj", "./"]
RUN dotnet restore "./WindowsAuth.csproj"
COPY . .
WORKDIR "/src/."
RUN dotnet build "WindowsAuth.csproj" -c Release -o /app

FROM build AS publish
RUN dotnet publish "WindowsAuth.csproj" -c Release -o /app

FROM base AS final
COPY --from=publish /app .
ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "WindowsAuth.dll"]

And I have created API Controller:

    public ActionResult<IEnumerable<string>> GetADUsername2()
        var adUsername = User.Identity.Name.Split('\\').Last();

        return Ok(adUsername);

    // GET: api/values/ADUsername
    public ActionResult<IEnumerable<string>> GetADUsername3()
        var isAuthenticated = User.Identity.IsAuthenticated.ToString();
        var authenticatType = User.Identity.AuthenticationType;
        var adUsername = User.Identity.Name.Split('\\').Last();

        return new string[] { adUsername, isAuthenticated, authenticatType };

I have set Enable Windows Authentication from IIS Express Launch in Visual studio 2017. It seems ok but if I build and run docker container and image and I am unable to get username when windows logged.

How to implement core with windows authentication in docker container?

I am waiting for your response.

Thanks in Advance.

Any feedback on this one or perhaps a workaround.