Windows conatiner run error on nodejs application

I have a NODE.js application that will run only in the Windows environment. I have switched to the windows container in the docker desktop to create a windows container.
When I am running the container using the docker run command, the container does not start. This is the error I am facing while I am running the container.

C:\Users\app>docker run -d helloapp:latest -p 8085:8085
docker: Error response from daemon: container 7286c4a0d38c87ec09c009a59 encountered an error during hcsshim::System::CreateProcess: failure in a Windows system call: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x2)
[Event Detail:  Provider: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000]
[Event Detail:  Provider: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000]
[Event Detail: onecore\vm\compute\management\orchestration\vmhostedcontainer\processmanagement.cpp(174)\vmcomputeagent.exe!00007FF67F5BC00A: (caller: 00007FF67F58ECEA) Exception(2) tid(36c) 80070002 The system cannot find the file specified.
 Provider: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000].


FROM customnode/node:12.14.1
RUN mkdir C:\\applications\\docker-firstapp
COPY myfirstapp C:\\applications\\docker-firstapp
WORKDIR C:\\applications\\docker-firstapp
RUN npm install
ENV SQL_USER=username
RUN npm run build
CMD ["npm", "run prod", "--port 8085"]

For building the image:

docker build -t helloapp .

For running the container:

docker run -d helloapp:latest -p 8085:8085

Docker build logs:

C:\Users\app>docker build -t helloapp .
Sending build context to Docker daemon  12.85MB
Step 1/12 : FROM customnode/node:12.14.1
12.14.1: Pulling from customnode/node
e46122273a4e: Pull complete
c37a24ce81a9: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:ccd9d53710c8b8f8fd4bb779afe79bhd8d45dugf44c4ddf7b7f655ea5cbfe540550cd892c
Status: Downloaded newer image for customnode/node:12.14.1
 ---> 2cb9637cf0ec
Step 2/12 : RUN mkdir C:\\applications\\docker-firstapp
 ---> Running in b5c9bc1fabe0
Removing intermediate container b5c9bc1fabe0
 ---> bc300a981554
Step 3/12 : COPY myfirstapp C:\\applications\\docker-firstapp
 ---> b039e12ed5de
Step 4/12 : WORKDIR C:\\applications\\docker-firstapp
 ---> Running in a522ca627602
Removing intermediate container a522ca627602
 ---> fe67791910c9
Step 5/12 : RUN npm install
 ---> Running in 796e435a9ecf
added 628 packages from 996 contributors in 63.929s
Removing intermediate container 796e435a9ecf
 ---> 2301e525f348
Step 6/12 : ENV PORT=8085
 ---> Running in 43b2cfe4f50b
Removing intermediate container 43b2cfe4f50b
 ---> 56babd0dfc87
Step 7/12 : ENV SQL_USER=username
 ---> Running in 7a7b5c3164c3
Removing intermediate container 7a7b5c3164c3
 ---> cff0b54056f6
Step 8/12 : SQL_PASSWORD=passwd
 ---> Running in 162832e5b80d
Removing intermediate container 162832e5b80d
 ---> c4cc16d73439
Step 9/12 : ENV SQL_SERVER=serverip
 ---> Running in 22f010aaa9c6
Removing intermediate container 22f010aaa9c6
 ---> fba9cb278a2a
Step 10/12 : ENV SQL_SERVER_DB=dbname
 ---> Running in 37f14891e5ed
Removing intermediate container 37f14891e5ed
 ---> 22477a823bdd
Step 11/12 : ENV SQL_SERVER_PORT=1433
 ---> Running in a0b9ec381efd
Removing intermediate container a0b9ec381efd
 ---> 30bc3fb6d543
Step 12/12 : RUN npm run build
 ---> Running in f6b3b0c7ec9b
> nodewithtypescript@1.0.0 build C:\applications\docker-firstapp
> tsc
Removing intermediate container f6b3b0c7ec9b
 ---> da1352245135
Step 12/12 : CMD ["npm", "run prod", "--port 8085"]
 ---> Running in 744719faa7c3
Removing intermediate container 744719faa7c3
 ---> 1912b73a80d5
Successfully built 1912b73a80d5
Successfully tagged helloapp:latest