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Windows Container Ports not connecting

Expected behavior

I expect all the ports I published in the run command would be able to be connected to.

Actual behavior

Only one of the ports in my run command can be accessed, the others cannot.


  • Windows Server 2016 (1607) VM
  • Docker EE, Version 19.03.5

I have a legacy application (Windows Services) that we are trying to containerize.
On top of the services we have IIS running as well.
We’re using servercore:ltsc2016 base image.

The Host Machine IP Address is: (local to the corporate network).

The run command has ports like this: -p 9100:80 -p 11910:11910

When the container is running, all the service ports show up in the container netstat as

From the outside, the address works to connect to IIS in the container correctly.
The other port,, does not connect at all.

Our legacy apps can’t easily be changed, but they do have some logs, and those logs do not show any requests being made to its ports.

Any assistance or troubleshooting advice would be appreciated.