Windows Docker Desktop and Mutagen vs. File sharing

Hi. Why are you replacing the working mutagen plugin for Windows + Docker Desktop + WSL2 for file sharing on Windows + Docker Desktop + Hyper-V? Hyper-V is slow, CPU intensive and seems to hang all the time. Why can’t file sharing be offered for WSL2 like it used to be with the Mutagen plugin? Docker Desktop and NTFS volumes only work performant in this constellation. I think it’s ok to provide the Mutagen plugin as file sharing directly under Docker Desktop, but then it should also work with WSL2. What a pity.

We are doing nothing :slight_smile: This is a community forum and we don’t develop Docker Desktop. If you have comments on Docker Desktop for Windows which should be read by developers, you can report here:

I didn’t know about Mutagen, but I searched for it.

So it was a Docker Desktop extension, originally not developed by Docker Inc, but I found that Docker Inc acquired it more than half a year ago. Since similar situation happened related to Docker Scout, I guess Docker Inc liked Mutagen too and wanted to implement a similar feature into Docker Desktop probably partially based on Mutagen. But to be honest I know nothing about the story. I saw the synchronization feature, but I couldn’t find a reference to Hyper-V. Can you share a link where it was mentioned that it requires Hyper-V?


Oh, I found it, sorry

Synchronized file shares isn’t available on WSL or when using Windows containers.

What about storing your files in a WSL distribution and using WSL integration so you can mount your files from Linux filesystem without the need of synchronization?