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[Windows] docker run hello-world: filesystem layer verification failed for digest

Hi, just installed Docker on a corporate laptop, set the proxy, and trying to test my install, I run the susgested:

docker run hello-world

I get "filesystem layer verification failed for digest … ". Surely this is a common one, and I’d expected there’d be a little more of a troubleshooting section in the official doc. Sadly, there isn’t. While Googling, I see that many people get that issue when pulling large images, or pulling from private repos. Here, we’re talking about a public image, and a rather small one…

Could anyone provide some pointers ?

I’m having the same issue - fresh install of Docker EE on Windows Server 2019 and configured my proxy HTTP and HTTPS environment variables. Could it be related to TLS interception by my org’s proxy server?

Exact the same issue (and steps taken) here. Any solutions yet?