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Windows GUI support in Docker


(Kajalkb) #1

I’ve a windows application with both UI written in C# and C++. They are written with WPF and Winforms etc.
Can I create a docker container for this?
So, I could only find UI support with a browser but not anything on GUI support for windows application in a container.

As of now I created a c++ console exe and displaying a messagebox…and when a image/container is created and run the messagebox does not show up and the the container is stuck.

Any help is highly appreciated?

Thanks in advance,

(Raj Chaudhuri) #2

Docker currently does not support Windows GUI applications at all.

(Kajalkb) #3

But through X11 connection with the DISPLAY env. variable is it not possible? like its done in the linux OS for GUI apps…

(Raj Chaudhuri) #4

I’m afraid not. Windows does not use X11.

(Kajalkb) #5

Thanks rajchaudhuri for your prompt response.
Do you know if Docker’s team plans to have this feature in the future?

(Raj Chaudhuri) #6

Thank you.

I don’t know, and I suspect something like this would require work by Microsoft, not just the Docker team.