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Windows: how to determine when Docker Engine has installed AND initialized?

So, we wish for our clients to be able to download a single installation file , onto their Win10Pro machines, which will FIRSTLY install Docker Engine, THEN run the Compose Script which will install our Docker Container & App (Linux server, mySQL db & App)

The problem we are having is that we cannot tell when the Docker Engine has been installed AND INITIALISED , as this needs to happen before we the run the Compose Script.

Is there any way we can run our docker-compose up command while the Docker Engine is still initialising and have it WAIT for the Docker Engine to be ready instead of just giving us an error message?

Many thanks in advance.


You could for example add a loop that waits until docker version contains no more ‘Error’.

Hi Tekki,

Thank you VERY much.

I will pass on your idea, and let you know how we get on.

Thanks again,