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Windows Server 2012 Remote Management


I have installed “docker toolbox for windows” to Windows Server 2012. I have created default machine and it is up and running. I can also see it in Virtualbox gui.

When I connect to my windows host through SSH and issue docker-machine status default command, I get Stopped, although the defualt machine is still running.

Later, I created another machine using ssh session named test. When I issue docker-machine status test it gives me Running.

However, when I physically access the machine and check Virtualbox gui, I don’t see test machine. However, its disk image is present in %USERPROFILE%/.docker/machines/test. When I inspect task manager, I can also see that there are ekstra VirtualBox processes running.

It appears that machines started through ssh session and desktop gui are isolated for some reason, although they are both created by same user (Administrator). I want to be able to manage my machines either remotely or using Desktop session. Is it possible?