Windows WCF net.pipe

I am trying to use net.pipe but have had no luck getting it to work with docker. I have this working with a Windows Server 2016 VM running IIS no problem. Any information or samples on how to get this working would be very helpful!

Server Information OS: Windows Server 2016 DockerFile: FROM microsoft/windowsservercore Docker for Windows

Internet -> Ports 80 and 443 -> ASP.NET MVC Front End -> net.pipe -> WCF Service

WCF End Point


RUN Install-WindowsFeature -name NET-WCF-Pipe-Activation45
RUN Import-Module “WebAdministration”;
New-Item IIS:\AppPools\NewPool;
New-Item IIS:\Sites\NewSite -physicalPath ‘C:\Service’ -bindings @{protocol=‘https’;bindingInformation=’*:19001:’};
New-ItemProperty ‘IIS:\Sites\NewSite’ -name bindings -Value @{protocol=‘net.pipe’;bindingInformation=‘localhost/servicelocation’};
Set-ItemProperty IIS:\Sites\NewSite -name applicationPool -value NewPool;
Set-ItemProperty IIS:\Sites\NewSite -name EnabledProtocols -Value ‘http,net.pipe’