Worker node doesn't reassign task after it's rebooted

I’m having issue with Docker swarm using ingress network “Mesh Routing” in order for me to make mesh routing work i installed two windows server 2016 version 1709 my manager node is on one server and worker node on another server i ran the init command to join one node to my docker swarm manager and i deployed one image on one of the node and created 2 replicas i see one replica running on worker node/Server1 and the other on node manager/Server2 which mean it’s working as expected and i can access one application thru both servers. But when my Server1 get restarted my Manager node has lost the communication with the worker node even if the server1 is up again and when i run the container ls command i don’t see any container running on my worker node/Server1 anymore the swarm manager does it’s job now both the replicas are running on the other server2/Manager node until otherwise i explicitly scale the service on the manager node than the worker node can see the new containers and it’s accessible. But my question is why worker node is not coming live after it’s restarted? Is it the limitation of Docker swarm? or there is a way to solve this issue?

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After you completed Post Install steps? To have Docker Start once the system restarts

 sudo systemctl enable docker

I’m using windows server 2016 version 1709 and docker swarm mesh routing will only work with version 1709.

Weird I did not know Windows can be a manager…Is that something new?