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WSL2 files at volume not saving

So i used this tutorial
Now i tried to do my own dockerfile - its look simple but there will be another libraries,so Dockerfile:

FROM tensorflow/tensorflow:latest-gpu-py3-jupyter
COPY Notebooks/ Notebooks/

There will be in future RUN pip install … , but its not a topic
I now build it

docker build . -t  tflearn1

adn run so there is problem with volume :

docker run -it  --gpus all -p 8888:8888 -v mnt/c/tflearn/tf1/Notebooks/:/Notebooks/ tflearn1 

So i cannot save my work at Notebooks/ , i tried to use //Notebooks , ‘c/path’ , and internal volume with volume create - its not saving when i next time run container
What a problem?

The path of your windows folder should start with a slash: /mnt/c/tflearn/tf1/Notebooks, then in the example on Dockerhub (under ‘Running Containers’) the local folder is mounted into /tf/notebooks, not /Notebooks, maybe you should try this way.