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X509: certificate signed by unknown authority when switching to docker 1.12

(Salvettimarc) #1


I have just imported a new host in my docker ecosystem and it’s running the latest docker 1.12 over ubuntu 16.04

when I’m trying to pull images from my private registry which is set to use self signed certificates I’m getting this error

x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I suppose this is related to the fact that the certificate is self signed but I’m not sure what’s the best way to workaround the issue. Can I switch off some strict parameter somewhere or do I have to use a trusted CA like letsencrypt ?

Or am I guessing wrong and this has nothing to do with the self signed cert ?

If that helps I got other docker hosts running 1.11 and they don’t have this issue.

Thanks for any help

(Salvettimarc) #2

just found out I was guessing wrong, this has nothing to do with self signed certificate :slight_smile:

the problem was because the name of the folder holding the certificate on the new host was while it should have been so the host could actually not find the ca.crt file at all. I just renamed the folder and it’s working great now