Yelp Dockersh 2019 Alternative

Hi all, I hope this is an ok place to ask this question… I came across Yelp’s archived ‘dockersh’ repository on GitHub: and it looks perfect for my use case - dynamically creating containers for each user who SSHs into a machine, mounting their home directory and removing the container when they disconnect.

Unfortunately the project is no longer kept up-to-date and I am unable to make the project from five years ago work. A new container is created when I ssh into the box as a user, however, I keep getting an error: docker: Error response from daemon: unable to find user myUserName: no matching entries in passwd file. even though this user does exist in the /etc/passwd file and it’s shell is set to /usr/local/bin/dockersh which is owned by root and has the SUID bit set.

Does anybody have any advice based on this error or know of an alternative method to accomplish what I am trying to do?

Thanks in advance,


Looks like it’s due to some breaking change in docker.

Shame this project was archived, maybe this one is functional?