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+1 for allowing publicly accessible app ports

(Vipconsult) #1

I am developing payment processing app with few payment gateways which send webhooks/feedback for completed or failed payment.
I need to test if these webhooks are processed properly by the application so need to be able to allow 80 or any other port to accept these webhooks.

(Jeff Anderson) #2

What context is this in?

By default, docker containers have routes set up to get to whatever network your host can get to.

(Vipconsult) #3

Sorry I don’t understand .

I watched the docker meetup and they specifically mentions that you cannot set map ports from your host to a docker container.

so if the host ip is and the docker runs on and you have nginx on port 80
can you access nginx on or just ?

(Jeff Anderson) #4

When you run a docker container, you can specify the ip address it binds to on the host:

docker run -p ...

This will bind to port 80 on the ip address on the docker host, and forward its traffic to port 80 on the container.

If you omit the ip address, it will go to, which is an alias for “all ip addresses on the host”

That’s the behavior for the default docker0 network, as well as the bridge network driver anyway.

(Vipconsult) #5

I just realised I posted this in the wrong category.
moving to docker for mac