17.06-ce deb package not on apt.dockerproject.org

I noticed that the latest stable 17.06-ce release is not on apt.dockerproject.org:


The 17.06-ce release is available on download.docker.com


I have been using apt.dockerproject.org to create an internal mirror using apt-mirror of the docker deb packages to make local installations more reliable. I did not see a notice that apt.dockerproject.org was deprecated. Was this an oversight or should I change my mirror scripts to use download.docker.com now?

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I would also like to know why this is the case. Need to know what is supported and kept up to date moving forward.

Looking at https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/linux/docker-ce/ubuntu/#install-using-the-convenience-script - this must be the case.

Any info here? Is there an upgrade path from apt.dockerproject.org to download.docker.com?