Can someone explain me difference between docker 1.12 and docker-ce 17.06

hi guys
can someone explain to me what’s the difference between the packages from centos extras repository: docker-1.12…
and packages docker-ce-17.0.6… from ?
what’s the equivalence ? are the same thing ?


Docker changed their version numbering from sequential to date-based earlier this year. Redirecting… has a very complete answer to your question.

This answer is irrelevant.
QA asked why there are “official” packages delivered by:

  1. CentOs/RedHat repo: docker => deprecated, docker-latest => 1.12 and maintained by RedHat
  2. docker repo: docker-engine (deprecated) , docker-ce (latest version).

Our project uses docker-ce, which are the newest stable. docker-latest might be useful for more stability and I think has better integration into CentOs.