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2 dockers 2 domains

Hello, I’m using docker for the first time. it’s a fine thing. only now I’m facing the problem that on the first docker runs a lets encrypt domain and on the second docker can not set up lets encrypt for another domain. does anyone have a solution to this?

Please provide details about the first setup, especially the Let’s Encrypt part. Also, what does “2 dockers” mean? (Just two containers? Two Docker Compose applications? Two Docker Swarm stacks? Two Docker installations?)

using this guide How To Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on Debian 10 | DigitalOcean i created the lets encrypt.
I installed azuracast container first, it also runs the lets encrypt, after that I wanted to install the ts3manager, it also runs but it is not accessible via https.

Sorry, I still feel you’re not providing much detail to help you. That guide does not mention Docker at all, so: how did you set it up in Docker? And I still don’t know what “2 dockers” implies in your situation: maybe one Docker container is some “azuracast” (I guess you think that everyone knows what that is?), and you also want some “ts3manager” (likewise) as the second container?

I installed this docker Docker Installation Guide | AzuraCast Docs as it says in the instructions and I installed this Docker Hub

what details do you need and where can I find them?