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7 pulls on a newly created repository image, who/whom/what?

First, and foremost, I’m new to docker hub. As for my question, I created a repository and uploaded an image to it about a month ago. Shortly thereafter, less than an hour, I returned to the repository page and I had 7 pulls registered on the image, which I found surprising considering that I’m a brand-new user, and wondered who/whom/what downloaded my image so soon.

Anyway, yesterday I created a new repository and uploaded another image and by the time I closed the terminal app on my PC and went to docker hub to check the repository I had 7 pulls registered on the image.


Who/whom/what is pulling the image? Are there settings that I should have set or removed in docker hub? Also, is there a log, somewhere, that will tell me who is pulling my images?

Is there an official explanation for this?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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