A basic question about Docker

We’re looking at Docker but need some input for our overall understanding.


  • We’re hosting 4 different Tomcat instances, for 4 different capabilities as a platform for applications
  • We’re pushing a deployment package to 4 different environment before we go in production


  • Would it be better to make a container with all 4 Tomcat instances hosting 1 application, or
  • Would it be better to make a container with one Tomcat instance hosting all applications

it really depends on the details.

I would personally make once container per tomcat instance, and then think about making one container per application, per configuration.

how do you partition the matrix at the moment?

One container per Tomcat instance and per application. It’s interesting because we have not seen so lavishly on containers before, but had a more moderate view of how we can use them. Maybe I misinterpreted you, but otherwise you suggest a more generous use.

I know the answers hidden in the detail but why would you recommend in general to divide each application in the delivery of four containers instead of one?

From our understanding there would be easier to keep it together if each application could be continerized as one. Could it be that we ignore something that Docker offer to hold together a bunch of containers in a whole for a delivery?