Images or containers per app version?

Hi all,
I have a design question for you all. We are starting to look at docker in the company and sysadmins and developers have different ideas on how things should be doneā€¦ Who knew! :wink:

What would you say is the best way to deploy apps?

ā€¦ rewriting my question for a more likely responseā€¦

Taking an application running on tomcat:

Would you have a (1) base tomcat and mount container volumes containing the application (war) or (2) build an additional image containing the war?

[OS] -> [JAVA] -> [TOMCAT]
[Application using Tomcat image] --> [war file]

[OS] -> [JAVA] -> [TOMCAT] -> [APPX]
[Application using APPX image]

How would you do it and why do it that way? If you chose to create an image on each commit, how to you manage the vast amounts of images that will be created?

Thanks for any feedback!