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A tutorial on running multiple docker daemons?


(Konpat Preechakul) #1

In my imaginary world, there is nothing to prevent me from running many docker daemons in a single host, ideally, each user per daemon.

I’ve got the inspiration from Each user should have their own daemon with “userns” configured for them.

It seems that when I’m creating another daemon (having a default daemon running), the newly created daemon seems to struggle to spawn their own “containerd”. As far as I know, it is not possible to configure dockerd to spawn in a different way (different path etc.).

According to dockerd manual, I either have to stay default (which means one daemon only) or to launch the containerd myself (and set --containerd in dockerd) which I tried but failed. Also, the “docker-containerd” itself is lack of any kind of documentation making digging deeper quite hard.

Now, It seems to me that launching many dockerd daemons is not a simple feat at all. Is there a more established way? Some tutorials will be much appreciated!

(Nigel Banks) #2

Just to add I’ve also have tried that tutorial with some limited initial success, but after multiple restarts of the daemon I’m having the same issue you describe.