Newbie question: multiple daemons?

Hi, I’ve been experimenting with Docker. Here is some documentation that puzzles me: “The Docker client, in the form of the docker binary, is the primary user interface to Docker. It accepts commands and configuration flags from the user and communicates with a Docker daemon. One client can even communicate with multiple unrelated daemons.”

  1. Can multiple Docker daemon processes run on the same host? Put another, is it 1:1 relationship between docker daemon and host?
  2. When I run docker command (e.g. inspect, run containers, etc) on a host where daemon is running, I don’t see a way to specify which daemon it talks to. What does the documentation mean by “one client can comm with multiple unrelated daemons?”

Thank you!

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setting DOCKER_HOST environment allows you to specify to which daemon you want to talk to.