Access denied when pushing to Docker Hub

I have created new image from a Dockerfile with this command:

docker build -t briangaber/ecom-web:v1 .

I have successfully logged in to Docker Hub with this command and Personal Access Token:

docker login -u briangaber

Then pushing image to Docker Hub fails with this output:

docker push briangaber/ecom-web:v1
The push refers to repository []
ac725a9404a5: Preparing
8b4c48efe543: Preparing
3d33242bf117: Preparing
529016396883: Preparing
5464bcc3f1c2: Preparing
28192e867e79: Waiting
d173e78df32e: Waiting
0be1ec4fbfdc: Waiting
30fa0c430434: Waiting
a538c5a6e4e0: Waiting
e5d40f64dcb4: Waiting
44148371c697: Waiting
797a7c0590e0: Waiting
f60117696410: Waiting
ec4a38999118: Waiting
denied: requested access to the resource is denied


Fixed by running this command:

$ sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Then logout and login.