Accessing data in Sqlite3

I am trying to understand and to test sqlite3 in a Docker environment. So far i have been able to install and start alnoda/sqlite-workspace and to create a table in the default database.

I need to access the database from a container running Node-Red, and I don’t know how to do it. I have found an article here in the forum where I am told to copy the database out of the container, using a command,. When I open the web console using localhost:8032 I see that the filename is /home/project/sqlite-db/db-main.sqlite
If I try to use docker cp /home/project/sqlite-db/db-main.sqlite then I get an error telling me:
must specify at least one container source.

I am running on Windows 11, and I know most of you are using linux, but other docker commands seems to work as expected.

Can someone tell me what to do?

I will, of course, continue looking for an answer and change this entry and tell what I did if I can make it work

Best regards
Ulf H.