Docker desktop which image to install for SQLite3 on Alpine


I tried nouchka/sqlite3 it is based on ubuntu so i am not sure if it will run correctly on Alpine ?

I have tried to use it but unable to connect, possibly because it had the db inside of a Root dir ?

But I can access it form a CLI … docker exec -it gb-sqlite3-1 bash

But not from within Docker desktop and Node-RED ?

Any thoughts as I have tried for many hours :thinking:

Why Alpine? If the image is based on Ubuntu, than it is Ubuntu. Doesn’t matter what Linux distribution you are using outside the container if by “Alpine” you meant the operating system in the VM of Docker Desktop.

How? Please, share some details about what you are trying to do that fails.

I don’t see why that would be relevant. As long as your user is root, you can access it from inside the container, but sqlite is not designed to access it over network. If you need that, you need to find alternatives

You could alos check DQLite which is distributed SQLite

Since Sqlite itself can only be accessed locally, I don’t think you will find many docker images for that. If you need it in a container, you can install it in your own image based on whatever OS you like