Accessing Docker images in Docker Desktop on Windows

Good morning,
I would like to know how do I access the Docker images on my Docker Desktop and how do I download this image and configure it within the Docker Desktop?

Please send me by email or leave me a tutorial that I’m not finding in the Docker documentation but I have other questions
About the plan you want to buy Docker Pro with PayPal I want to know if you can give it? And the annual amount is in fact 60$?
Why do you only accept card should expand to other payment methods!
But the priority is to know low and configure it through Docker DesckTop and how to buy Docker Pro

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I’m not sure I understand the question. You can use Docker images to run containers. You don’t really need to “access” images any other way. You can also export images if you need to, but if you just want to run containers, you can easily do that. Yu can also find an “images” tab in Docker Desktop to see what you have and run a container from it, so what is what you are really looking for?

Don’t expect anyone to privately contact you. If you need help, you need to come to people who can help you, not the other way around, unless offer money or something in return.

That is indeed another question which should have been asked in another category (Docker Hub), but you can ask for the feature in the roadmap: Issues · docker/roadmap · GitHub