Searching for images on Docker Desktop for Linux

I’m used to docker desktop for Windows, and today i installed Docker desktop for Linux on ubuntu. Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS GNOME Version 42.5

I can’t see anywhere to search and pull images on Docker hub like there is with the Windows version. Is there a different way to do things with the Ubuntu version of docker desktop? Is pulling images only done through the CLI?

If anyone else is a beginner with Linux and using docker Desktop for Linux the only way i can seem to find to install and run containers is to use the CLI, I used a docker run command on an image and it appeared in the Docker desktop for Linux app.

What do you see on Windows? How can you pull images there?

On your screenshot you are on the local images tab and not the 'Remote repositories" tab where you could find the remote images in your repositories. I don’t think Docker Desktop ever supported pulling any other images. The Desktop can help with some features but you still need to use the CLI as well.

And alos the screenshot shows that your Docker Desktop for Linux is not up to date so using the same version on Linux and Windows would be a better comparison.

On Windows Docker Desktop you can search Docker Hub for any repository and pull it from within the app and then run it from within the app. It seems in the Docker desktop for Linux you can’t search Docker Hub for anything you want and pull it, that has to be done in the CLI. I maybe wrong but I can’t see a way of searching Docker Hub other than for your own repositories.

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Can you show a screenshot of Docker Desktop on Windows? Where is that searchbar?


I found it on macOS. Please, update your Docker Desktop for Linux and try with the latest version. (The latest version is v4.16.2 and you are using v4.12 on Linux)

I didn’t know that the searchbox at the top of the window can search for images.

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I installed Docker desktop for Linux from following a guide I found on google, it installed:


When the current version is:


So that was the problem. Thanks!

This is why you should always follow the official documentation and use other guides only when you don’t understand the official one :slight_smile: but only as an additional help, not a replacement.

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Yeah, that was my mistake not using the offical documentation, won’t do that again.